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Standing in “Awe”...

In all my years of watching high school basketball, I can’t recall ever being in such awe as I was this past Friday night. If you were unable to make it out to the Event Center let me explain what you are seeing in this picture. It is not one team that you see at half-court but two teams with similar colors. It is the Kellyville Lady Ponies, with a 16-2 record, ranked number 13 in the state of Oklahoma.. it is also the Eufaula Lady Ironheads, a matching record and ranked number 7 in the state. A top 15 match up that had the arena buzzing with pregame excitement when this happens, and the arena stood silent.

When the national anthem had ended and both teams standing side by side, both teams came together at half court and joined hands in a circle. Without a cue from the loud speakers and the crowd unaware, they bowed their heads and said a group prayer as the fans, coaches, and officials stood quietly looking on to an amazing scene. Two very good high school teams that realizes that sports are only a small aspect of of life.

Unknown to a lot of fans in that arena, a young lady with the Ponies (name withheld to protect privacy) had lost a close relative earlier in the week. A service was being held at another location as the game was setting to tipoff. This young lady was in that group of players, surrounded by her second family, her teammates. If that was the reason both teams chose to do what they did, is not known but the reason doesn’t matter. The fact that it was done speaks volume to our youth today, the media will never share with you.

A local news station was at the school on Friday, they were reporting on a serious subject matter. It has nothing to do with the high school group and is being handled by the administration and local law enforcement. I wish they would have stayed in town and filmed this scene in the Event Center. We have great kids at Kellyville, there are great kids out their that are making a difference in lives right now.

America is in great shape, if these kids are an indication of our future.

Sports are very important, you can learn more on the court, on the field, on the diamond, on the ice, on the mats as you can in any classroom. Sports teach sportsmanship, team work, accountability, dedication, hard work, desire, the will to strive in the most impossible odds. They are a way of scholarships, careers, friendships, and goals being met on so many levels. They are not a definition of who you are, nor a picture of who you are, nor will they dictate to you, who you will become in the future. Nobody keeps score in the game of life, if they do, they are missing out on the reason we play the game. In 5 years no one will remember the outcome Friday night, but will never forget the scene prior to the game.

After a hard fought game that was won by the Ponies, the unfortunate other side came out. Instead of the sportsmanship shown by both teams, saw an adult, assuming a parent being escorted out of the arena. Standing and screaming directly at the KV girls they were a bunch of cheaters. I wish that parents sometimes would take the time to watch and listen to their kids. You can learn a lot from the action of your kids, you just have to be able to see it. There was no cheaters Friday night, there was no losers, no failures. Just a lesson being taught by the student athlete on both teams to the young and old fan base alike. I hope we all, have learned an important lesson.

Thank you Lady Ponies, thank you Lady Ironheads our future is in great hands with your leadership...



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