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“Let’s Get It Started”

Our post about our Ladies basketball team reached an estimated 30,000 people. Hard to imagine, our small town, the Pony Nation could garner so much attention. It is proof that God answers prayers. We believe there is so much more that can be done for our Ponies. We are needing another miracle in order to bring these other Ponies, live to your household.

We are needing a large presenting sponsor, a company willing to step up and put their name on the top of our Website. They will be the lead of every broadcast we do, their name will be at the title of our website, their name will be seen by Pony fans across the world. The company we are looking for will be on the minds of the entire Pony Nation when they visit our website, or listen to our broadcast.

Our presenting sponsor fee will be a one time price, that assures advertising to their company as long as KVrising is promoting the Pony Nation. It’s not a yearly cost but a lifetime of advertising.

We have close to 500 followers on KVrising, we know someone out there, knows someone that owns or is in charge of advertising at this company. Please help us find this company, and share this page until they step up and we are able to broadcast our Pony Nation to the world!!!



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