We are NOT associated with Kellyville Public Schools. Anything said or written is the opinion of the staff of KVrising.com.


We believe that the Pony Nation is bigger than any one person, one organization, or one belief. We believe that we are one commumity, one school, and one team.  We are here to promote Kellyville Public Schools and their Student athletes. We are here to promote the good students over the bad. We feel athletics are a big part of the education system.

We want to be a tool for the administration, teachers and coaches to use to promote the KV student, if they chose to do so.

We do not require any money or subscription in order to view our website or watch any broadcast. It is a free service we offer to the Pony Nation.

Any school organization such as Booster Clubs, teachers, Administration or  

coaches will be able to use our service at no cost.

We will not promote or endorse any political figure, including school board elections. If a politicians chooses to advertise with us they will pay for an advertisement. No negative ad will be allowed on website or broadcast.

We will not sell advertising to anyone or business that is not suitable for a minor or student. (examples: liquor stores, casinos, smoke shops) Organizations such as Indian communities will be allowed to advertise without casinos mentioned.

We plan to broadcast as many contest as we can.  Starting out we plan to stay away  from broadcasting home contest unless they begin prior to 5:00 pm.  Graduation and Home Coming parade are on our schedule. You will be able to see upcoming broadcasting list on our website.

All state sponsored play-off competion will require approval from the state. We will do all we can to be able to bring that competition to you. Please see website for updates

We do not pretend to be neutral. We will be fair but we are Ponies and our broadcast may show that bias.

Students /athletes will not be interviewed if a  parent  or coach tells us No. A player will only be interviewed if  parent is OK and the coach grants permission.

We look forward to working with the Pony Nation and make this something the community can be proud of. Your feedback is important to us. We look forward to the Ride Pony Fans!!!

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